MIBM (Master in ENGLISH ONLY) - Year 1: Thesis-Internship combination

a) INTERNSHIPS: 2 periods of internship:

  1. 20-day internship either in the summer (before Master - final year) especially if exchange/Erasmus program, or during the first semester of next academic year (1-2 days/week)
  2. 40-day internship in Master 2 - Q2 (= during the second semester Q2 of your final year) - as courses will be over, you can do it full-time, in Belgium or abroad, as you want.

Note: both internships can take place in the same company/organization (which is easier to convince the company) but it is not mandatory.

b) MASTER THESIS: every student has to write a Master thesis to complete a Master degree. At Ichec, you can choose your type (applied research or project), and your topic in any Management area in which you'd like to bring your personal added value. 

Link between internships and Master thesis?

To conduct any research, you need to collect reliable data, which is not an easy task. So the internship can help you get access to the data you need. This is obvious if you work on a project for the company. In an applied research thesis, your internship can develop your network of useful contacts for your research. Therefore, it is at your benefit to link them.

M.-L. Heinen - S. Simons - S. Godts